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Before outer union with your soul life partner, you first need to reach inner union within yourself

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“When soul life partners connect they spontaneously enter into a 5D energy vortex together, it happens spontaneously because of their joint energy.”

“It would not be a soul life partner connection if the couple would ‘need’ each other to access the 5D Heaven on Earth frequency. They have to be able to access this state on their own, and this is where this immense purging and triggering of wounds fits in because these are the lower vibrational energies that need to be released from your energy system in order to be able to access 5D on your own.”

Divine soul union is an inside job

Many couples confuse a physical intimate (romantic) relationship with their partners with divine soul union, this is not the same thing.

It might be a physical union, but true divine soul union is much more than being in a romantic committed relationship with your loved one.

True divine soul union like anything else in life is a question of becoming a vibrational match in order to manifest it. Chances are you will be in a physical relationship with your divine soul partner long before you actually achieve the full divine soul union, in the way we will be further exploring in this article. Yet unless you do the work, to come into true divine soul union – you can forget about coming into a lasting and harmonious physical relationship with your loved one.

It ain’t gonna happen and that is because instead you will keep looping in the same dysfunctional patterns until you address the core issues that are causing them.

You cannot address these core issues through talking it through with your partner, no matter how good you are at communicating. These issues cannot be addressed externally, because their origin is internal.

The fact that these core issues can only be addressed internally, is what makes it an inside job.

“The relationship encounter has come to undue this reversed living and bring you back to the truth of your existence, which is that what you see outside yourself reflects what you believe inside yourself.”

Shifting your perspective

Now most stayer partners (meaning the ones that don’t seem to be running from the connection) tend to have their focus fully outward and fixated on their partner in a most likely obsessive way.

The very first step they need to take is to put their focus fully back on themselves, which is difficult because their loved one is literally on their mind 24/7. The partner becomes like a drug, and contact becomes the fix they crave to ease their inner pain. But their divine counterpart isn’t going to allow them to be a frequency junkie and will just pull back, which only increases the inner craving for relief more.

What you have to understand is that the divine soul partner doesn’t pull back out of selfishness or because they are just not that into you. It’s also not fear of commitment or immaturity on their side, these are all 3D interpretations that do not even begin to touch the core issues being played out between you two. They pull back out of deep love for you and a complete faith in your ability to slay your own inner demons and dragons.

Because despite your partner’s many visible shortcomings the real problem is YOU.

This may sound difficult to stomach because in your 3D perception it’s seems so obvious that it is in fact your loved one that is causing the hold up. You actively want to pursue this relationship, you want to address your wounds, you are willing to do what it takes and they are clearly not. But the thing is that all your motivation is directed externally, you want to address your wounds together (oh Lord sweet misery). You are willing to do what it takes, as long as you can be together. All your focus is directed outward on the him/her and getting them to commit to a relationship with you.

Yet all the while you don’t see that there is no lack of commitment towards you from their side, in fact they are deeply committed to your inner healing and growth and therefore no matter how un-awakened you think your partner is, they will keep pushing your buttons to you fully wake up to the truth of who you really are.

That is by the way also the function of the partner obsession, this thinking and often aching for them 24/7. Though it seems to be the epitome of romance to be so enthralled with someone, it is in fact nothing but your own wounding trying to pull you inside of you to address your own inner pain. I promise you once you do address all this subconscious pain internally, there will be no obsession or huge craving for the other any more.

This is in fact often also the most confusing part of it, because it is so apparent that the other person is just not creating the effort to make it work and because your own wounding is subconscious it’s difficult to understand that the solution lies within you. Until you met this person, you were functioning pretty okay – not aware of the fact that there was so much left to address, especially if you have been working hard on yourself all your life.

Shifting into the 5D frequency

Please understand that this focus on you is not because you are broken. It’s not because you are more damaged than your partner or in some way lacking. This roller coaster ride that you find yourself on is also not a payback for things done wrong in the past. It serves a much greater purpose and that is to help you release everything accumulated throughout the ages that is keeping you locked in to the old 3D paradigm consciousness.

You need to be fully released from every fear, outdated believe, repressed emotion, trauma, outdated soul contract and past life oath or vow that is lowering your vibration, in order to raise your vibrational frequency high enough to enter the new 5th dimensional paradigm of Heaven on Earth and manifest it as your 3D physical reality.

When divine soul partners connect they spontaneously enter into a 5D energy vortex together, it happens spontaneously because of their joint energy. However they need each other to access the 5D, because they haven’t learned to do it by themselves yet. You often hear people say that everything works better when their divine soul partner is close, this is because when (spending time) together their energetic frequency gets so high that they both get a taste of this paradise frequency. When they are held a part for whatever reason, they come crashing down because they haven’t learned to maintain this energy state for themselves.

This would not be a divine soul connection if the couple would be allowed to ‘need’ each other to access the 5D Heaven on Earth frequency. They have to be able to access this state on their own, and this is where this immense purging and triggering of wounds fits in because these are the lower vibrational energies that need to be released from your energy system in order to be able to access 5D on your own.

As long as you “crave” union you are misaligning yourself to it’s manifestation

While most divine feminines crave union with their partners, like a junkie craves their next fix of their favourite drug, these are in fact not the men and women who are close to true union.

Because they are still trying to use external things to address their inner pain and emptiness. If you are still waiting for the next moon or the next eclipse to have your mate come back to you. If you are still wasting your money on psychic reading after reading to have someone look at whether your mate’s energy is shifting yet or to find out if you should still put your life on hold and wait for them. I’m sorry to break it to you, but you are nowhere near union.

As long as you are still a half searching for the missing piece to make you whole, you aren’t ready for Soul Mate union.

All of the above examples are indicators that there is still some codependency lurking inside of you, believing that something OUTSIDE of you is going to bring you the inner states of happiness, being loved, feeling safe, feeling fulfilled, having purpose, etc.

The truth is and listen carefully here – our outer 3rd dimensional reality is nothing but what we hold to be TRUE inside of ourselves. So if you don’t love yourself, it can not be reflected back to you. If you are not happy within, every happiness without are mere fleeting moments that are lost as soon as the external factor falls away for whatever reason.

It’s living your life reversed, trying to fill the void with external things instead of addressing the core issues creating the inner void.

What does inner union look like?

The partnership encounter has come to undue this reversed living and bring you back to the truth of your existence, which is that what you see outside yourself reflects what you believe inside yourself.

You hear many divine feminines say they were in union, but are in separation now. What they actually mean is that they were intimate or together with their divine soul partner and now they are not. True union cannot be lost, because it’s a soul growth process and therefore a state of consciousness in the self that is reflected back in the physical experience. It is a self perpetuating inner state, that does not depend on outer conditions.

That is the state that you need to reach in one degree or another in order to get to true divine soul partner union. So let’s look at what the signs are of inner union, that will in the end manifest outer union one way or the other.

#1 You have let go of the outcome

A prerequisite to come into alignment to true divine soul union or even just a physical relationship is to become detached to the final outcome. This is one of the most difficult shifts for my students to make. Because they think they should not want union anymore, that’s not the state we are going for – the correct state of detachment is being happy with or without it.

This is what detachment looks like.

#2 You have balanced your own inner feminine and masculine side

This is a tricky one, it’s much easier to clear the masculine side and it takes much longer to heal and embrace the feminine side. This is because in order to heal the feminine side of you, there has to be complete inner safety in order to re-embrace the utter vulnerability that comes with being in our true feminine receptivity and power.

Not only are wounds around safety blocking the way but also around 6.000 years of patriarchal conditioning that has taught us that femininity is less valuable than masculinity. Just look at the fact that feminism has in fact liberated women to a male dominated role, yet has not been able to raise the value of what is associated with women or the unpaid work women have done throughout time that has enabled men to fully focus on their careers or business. Women still don’t have access to the amount of unpaid work to support them in their outside home career or business. I.e. women are still doing the biggest share of the unpaid work on top of their work outside the home.

So all these wounds, beliefs and trauma’s are deeply embedded plus sexual aggression and abuse towards women is still rampant also in the so called developed world. All this needs to be addressed in order to truly balance the inner masculine and feminine side. As long as their is still anger and distrust towards men in your outside reality, their is also anger and distrust towards your inner masculine aspect…

#3 You have learned to access the 5D frequency on your own

In fact healing this inner feminine and inner masculine side of you from wounding throughout the ages is what clears your energy field from the lower old 3D paradigm vibrations (which is NOT the same as your 3D reality – they are two very different things). The old 3D paradigm is a fear based consciousness coming from the perception of separation, the 5D consciousness that we are shifting into is love based coming from a perception of unity.

This is a confusing concept to many because they see 5D as good and 3D as bad, 5D as up there and 3D as down here – which is in itself still an old 3D paradigm perception of duality. Dimensions ARE NOT places, they are states of being and no matter which state of being you are in we all experience them in our 3D reality – our physical experience.

5D is a state that you are meant to experience in your physical reality and to best explain it, this is an inner shift of perception in you that is therefore reflected back to you in your outer circumstances in the physical world.

Reality will still be reality, good and bad will still exist except you will not perceive it dualistically anymore because you have woken up to the truth that good and bad are just two sides of the same coin and that both aim to serve your highest good. Where before your perception was fragmented, based on the illusion of separation your perception has now become unified, a reflection of your own wholeness.

#4 You have stepped into your power

Codependency is a no go in a divine soul relationship, but especially needs to be overcome to come into true divine soul union. You have to come out of the illusion that you are lacking and feel whole inside yourself.

This is a tricky one again because we often use control and our masculine side to create a sense of power. The power I am talking about can only be attained by a full surrender to the self and creating the safety inside of yourself to fully let go of control.

When you step into your own power, you are no longer looking for someone to complete you. You will want someone who is whole and complete in themselves to match what you bring to the table. Yet at the same time, you don’t NEED a life partner anymore so you are just as happy with or without one. You trust that the right person, will come if that is needed and when the time is right.

There is no more looking for a partner, because your divine soul partner is unavailable or waiting for your partner to come back when you are giving yourself what you need. Seeing that the outer is a reflection of the inner, it will start matching your own frequency of getting what you want because you first gave it to yourself.

#5 You have stepped into your mission

Many divine feminines have these romantic fantasies of them and their soul partner serving the world through their mission and then wait for the mate to come to be able to start their world serving work. Forget about it!

Start whatever you want to start NOW, if your partner is meant to be an active part of that he or she will join you when the time is right. Don’t wait for your partner to be an active participant, because they might be waiting on you to step into your mission.

Some things we have to do by ourselves or begin on blind faith, because that is our destiny and our unique gift to the world. Also don’t think that your mission has to be divine soul partner related, the world really doesn’t need anymore amateur psychics, readers, etc. Unless this is your true calling, it’s not going to work anyway.

Your mission can be something completely different and still serve the world.

There are many examples of historical divine soul couples that brought immense innovation into the world think of Marie Curie and husband Pierre and their influence on science. Or Elizabeth and Robert Browning a writers couple that blessed the world with their poetry.

If you haven’t found your true calling yet, don’t freak out. You can rest assure that you are already being prepared for what you came here to do. Looking back you will see that everything you did was a preparation for sharing your unique gift with the world.

#6 You have come into harmony, equilibrium and unconditional acceptance

A tell tale sign that you are coming into inner union is that you are at peace no matter what.

If triggers between you and your partner still leave you devastated and you need days to recover, it means there is still not enough inner balance to hold your ground.

If you think that divine soul union means only having a romantic sexual relationship with your loved one, then you are still focusing on what is lacking instead of being in unconditional acceptance of what is – whether your mate is far or close, intimate or not – nothing should disturb your peace (your ships come in over a don’t care sea).

It’s ALL good because your inner state no longer depends on your outer experiences, you realize that your outer experience are nothing but a reflection of your inner state. Whatever you see reflected back to you, only shows you more clearly where you need to bring your loving attention within yourself.

#7 You have become the authentic YOU

Yet aside from the various masks we have put on in different situations, we also have massive conditioning from this lifetime and even passed on from our ancestors that inhibit us from fully embodying our true soul self. It all has to go, not to get your soul partner back because as long as that is your motive you haven’t understood this article – it has to go in order to create inner union with your own soul.

This is the path you need to walk in order to come into a place that you can align to the outer manifestation of that inner union. It’s this inner transformation that your soul craved to experience. Whether you end up with your partner in a romantic relationship or not, is not really that important because it is not the reward of this journey – your transformation is. Because when you have successfully finished this inner alchemical process, you will find that you own the keys to unlocking paradise in your earthly existence.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

Lots of love,


Sources: my soul & Sabriyé Ayana’s article

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