The Process of diksa (initiation) – Patala LXXVII –Tantra of Ajita

By Shri Param Eswaran

Modern day Gurus, that traveling on the super highway, offer Diksa (initiation) over the internet, be aware, diksa is given by Guru to disciples in person, to experience the energy that comes from receiving diksa.

The Process of diksa – Patala LXXVII –Tantra of Ajita – Part 1

As (blazing) fire burns the dry and the wet, in the same way – good and bad karmas are as if burnt by the fire of knowledge.

Varieties of Diksa
Diksa is of many kinds – born from sight, touch, speech, mind, teaching, yoga, fire ritual:
1. (Diksa of Sight)
The fact that the disciple is seen (by the Guru) after meditating on supreme reality with open eyes, for the liberation from bonds, will be the diksa born from sight.
2. (Diksa of Touch)
(If the Guru) places the Siva-mantra with the brahma and anga mantra in his right hand and touches the head etc., of the disciple, it will be the diksa born from touch.
3. (Diksa of Speech)
(If the Guru) with inner light intensified by concentration of his mind on the (supreme) essence recites the samhita mantras, it is desired to be the diksa born from speech.
4. (Diksa of Mind)
a. When it is based on a mental process, it is called “born of the Mind”.
b. (Obtained) by givining teaching (of Saivagamas), it is called “diksa from teaching”.
5. (Diksa of Yoga)
a. (Obtained) by yogi, it is determined as diksa from yoga into the essence of Siva
b. (Diksa from fire-ritual), the Diksa which involves powers and fire-pit will be “born from fire ritual”.
In short diksa is desired by the knowers of diksa to be of two kinds:
  – one is involving mostly knowledge,
  – the other is traditionally known as involving mostly ritual
6. The diksa performed without worship and fire ritual, only through mental processes is taught as involving knowledge, being born of immediate awakening to essence.
7. The diksa which involves worship and fire-ritual, born from the skill of ritual practice, is the diksa involving rituals. It is again manifold without seed, with seed. (seed is bija mantras)
Diksa without seed and seed:
8. a. The diksa of samayin and putra will be “without seed”.
     b. The diksa of sadhaka and acarya will be “with seed”.
Now, this diksa without seed is taught as being of two kinds:
   – one giving liberation immediately,
   – the other after death.
The diksa without seed devoid of the practice of rules, should be young, simple-minded, old people, women, those addicted to pleasure, sick person.
The diksa with seed is well known as being for those who know and who are able.
With love and respect,

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