Twelve levels of the light body


You had an activation to the first level of Light body – for most of you it was like a light bulb went off in your DNA:  “Its time to go home.”  “Time to drop density”.  You may have experienced “flu” like symptoms.  When your body drops density, flu-like symptoms, headaches, vomiting, muscle aches, joint aches are common.  In March 1988, there was a “flu” epidemic:  it was a Light epidemic. 

Light body levels are measured by the ability of the cells to metabolize Light.  The marker for this new cellular activity is the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the cells. 

When the Light body mutation was activated, a series of DNA encodements lit up and began to give new directives to the cells.  One of the first instructions was to tell the cells to recognize Light as a new energy source.

The physical form, in the old manner has separated brain functioning into the right and left hemisphere functions.  Also, the pineal and pituitary glands are atrophied – about the size of a pea rather than the size of a walnut.  On activation, brain chemistry began to change and produce synapses.



In the second level, the sixth-dimensional etheric blueprint begins to be flooded with Light and it begins to release the fourth-dimensional structures, which tie you into karmic experiences across all lifetimes.  As a result, you may feel disoriented and have more bouts of the “flu”.

You may have an inkling that there is something called “Spirit” in your life. So in second level, you are releasing fourth-dimensional structures, which begin to change the spin in the geometries of your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  You are beginning to change very rapid idly.  Most of what you are experiencing is strictly physical.  You may feel very tired.


In the third level of Light body, your physical senses become outrageously strong.  Odors, clothing that feels sensual, rediscovering the joy of sex.  Everything that is happening is very centered in the physical body.  It is beginning to open up into a “bio-transducer system”.

Your body was designed to decode and work with Higher Light energies as well as transmit these energies to the planet, but had atrophied.  The magnification of the physical senses is the first sign of the awakening of your body as a “bio-transducer.”

Undifferiented Light from the Oversoul pours into the fifth-dimensional axiotonal lines.  From the axiotonal spin point interfaces on the skin surface, the fifth-dimensional axial circulatory system begins to form.  The axial system then extends into and activates the spin points in every cell of the physical body.



As you transition into the fourth level of Light body, you begin to go into what we call the mental stages.  This begins massive changes in your brain chemistry and the electro-magnetics of your brain.  At this point, if you have regulator crystals in your etheric body, they may become very uncomfortable, you may start having cluster headaches, seizures, chest pains, blurry vision, or your hearing may go out.

These crystals keep lines of Light within the fifth-dimensional blueprint from making connections, like electricity.  Your heart begins to open deeper and deeper levels (chest pains).  The hemispheres of the brain want to begin to start firing across both hemispheres at the same time.  You may literally feel some electrical energy running across your scalp or down your spine.

You may have flashes of telepathy of clairvoyance.  Just about everybody develops empathy.  You begin to feel much more connected to things and people.  You begin to get an inking that maybe there’s a purpose to your being here.



You may have flashes of doing other things.  Dream sequencing begins to change. You begin to remember a little more of your dreams, or become open to lucid dreaming.

At some point you may feel as if you are going crazy, as you experience non-linear thought processes.  You may get a lot of the survival-patterning coming up out of the mental body.

Also you begin to become aware that you contain pictures of realty that are not yours.  And you begin the mental sorting out process of “Who am I”, as different from those around you.  You realize that that you are holding the entire picture of “the way things are” from parents, siblings, lovers, grandparents, etc in your field.  As you become aware that these structures are in your field, you feel very closed in by them.  Time to let go.


 In the sixth level you are actively, consciously shifting reality pictures out of your field.  At this time, Spirit is usually putting you into contact with people who are working with the Light-body system. 

Often, in the fifth and sixth levels, you have experiences of things not being solid, or you may have flashes of multi-dimensionality. You may have flashes of non-linear thinking and feel if nothing is real.  This can be a real shock for you mental-body types who want everything all laid out in nice little lines.  Suddenly you see the whole picture at once.  The mental body begins to cognate very differently.

You may go through a re-evaluation, “Do I want to be here?’  “Do I want to live?”  Many changes may occur in your life.  New people come into your life who are far more in alignment with you, others drop away.

You and those around you begin to cognate in a non-linear way and you begin to get flashes of telepathy.  Your brain has screened this out previously, but now the screens are coming down.

Usually between the sixth and seventh level of Light body you will experience the descension of Spirit.  This means that a vaster part of who you are in the upper dimensions comes to reside in your body.  That shifts everything around.  You feel like you have come through a tunnel.

You begin to get telepathic, clairvoyant communication, the screens are coming down.

The entire planet and its population appears to be doing a strong re-evaluation.  The polarization of energies is happening at more and more heightened levels.  Planetary polarization is becoming more and more intense.  You find that those of you are beginning to live “Heaven on Earth,” will exist side by side with those experiencing “Hell on Earth”.   This is the place where a lot of people must get with the program or bail out.



In the seventh level of Light body, you begin to enter the emotional stages of Light body: focusing on deeper and deeper openings of levels in the heart chakra.  As you open the heart, a feeling of connection with the planet opens up:  that feeling of falling in love with the planet. “Must hug that tree”. At this point, if you have blocks in your emotional body, they really begin to come up, because as you move towards expressing your divinity and your vastness, anything that blocks, begins to be released.

You may become more emotional.  The emotional body lives in the past and your mental body lives in the future.  At seventh level you begin to live in the NOW.

The heart chakra opens to a much deeper functioning than ever before.  You may experience chest pains; it does not feel the same as a heart attack, for it is in the center of your body.  It’s an opening of the heart charka gateway:  In a meditative state, you can go interdinensional, right through the heart charka. The heart charka has a membrane called the “Gate of Eden”.  It is now opening to allow you to go interdimensionally. You can travel to any dimension through the heart charka. If the heart chakra takes predominance (in mutation changes from cone to spherical to radiate out in all direction) the chakra system merges into what is called the Unified chakra system.  This assists the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to begin to merge.  In the seventh level, those chakras are kicking into merged states that haven’t been experienced before. 

The chakra unification is important for your growth because it allows you to handle any amount of energy (no matter how vast) through the physical form with out any damage).

If you tap into a vaster part of yourself and your chakras are not moving in a unified field, it may feel like you have put your finger into an electrical outlet (from 20 volts to 400).  The pineal and pituitary glands begin to open and you may feel a pressure on your forehead or at the back of your head. When the pituary is functioning at its higher level, you will not age or die. At seventh level, you may appear younger, lines drop out.

The pineal can activate the fourth eye, the multi-dimensional sight, located where the soft spot is in the crown.  It opens when it is time to open. 

You may experience other lives of yourself, as being in water or fluidity.  Some of you have been ensouled as dolphins and whales (individual souls).  They are lightworkers, also and set up the group mind grids for this planet.

In seventh level Light body, most beings are operating fourth-dimensionally in their consciousness.  You are developing the knowing that all beings are masters. You may fall into a pattern of spiritual manic-depression.  One minute “I’m a divine, multidimensional being” the next, proclaiming their worthlessness: “I can’t do anything right”.  You are bouncing between feelings of multidimensional Oneness and the feelings of separation held in your physicality.



At eighth level the pituitary and pineal gland begin to grow. To counter any pain, ask that the endorphins be released. There is an activation of what are called seed crystals.  These three small crystals, which receive, Light languages from the upper dimensions.  Two of the crystals are located above your eyebrows, directly over the pupils.  The third is just below your hairline, inline with your nose.

There is also an activation of the recorder cell receiver crystal (on the right side of your head, about one and one-half inches above the ear).  It holds vast amounts of information that the soul has gathered over many incarnation cycles on various planets and stars.  Periodic ally, the recorder cell will download parts of the experiential data into the receiver crystal.  You may experience tingling, burning liquid sensation in the area where the receiver crystal is located.  Suddenly you have all of this information and you do not know where it came from.

The eight, ninth and tenth chakras activate.  The three to five crystalline templates in the eight chakra realign, so your energy bodies change their usual motion into spirals of energy.  You begin to hook up into multidimensional mind and begin to receive what we call “Languages of Light”.

The pituitary and pineal function together when they are open, causing what is known as the “Arc of the Covenant.”  It’s a rainbow light that arcs over the top of the head, from the fourth eye to the third eye area.  That is one of the decoding mechanisms for higher-dimensional language.

Your brain functioning begins to change and you begin to perceive and think in terms of geometries and tones.  This is unsettling because you don’t have a translation available.

It is common for you to fear you have Alzheimer’s as you have problems remembering what you had for breakfast; you cannot put a sentence together, or call up a word when needed.  This is a form of audio-dyslexia. .  All of the pathways in your brain that you are accustomed to using may become non-accessible while entirely new pathways are being created.  You may be getting tones in your ears, bands of light, color, geometry, Hebrew letters, hieroglyphics or things that look like equations.

It is communication from Spirit:  it is an encodement.  When this happens do the Unified Chakra technique, ask for translation.  There is a point, just before you transition to ninth level that the translation opens and is accessible on a verbal level.


As the translation opens you begin to understand tonal languages, geometries and patterns.  They are sixth-dimensional.  Your Spirit is using these languages to shift the sixth-dimensional structure of your blueprint into a new template for your fifth-dimensional Light body.

You are beginning to embody divinity! The seventh-dimensional threshold may activate, causing lower back pain or hip pain and a feeling of density in the pelvic floor.  The seventh-dimensional structures are shifting into alignment with your Oversoul.  New Alpha/Omega chakras are opening around the physical body allowing more energy to pour in.  The fifth-and sixth- dimensional etheric structures are coordinated through the seventh-dimensional alignment with your Oversoul to receive a new Adam Kadmon Divine image.  You may become aware that you have other body types than human.  You may be taller, thinner, bigger, or grow wings.  You begin to integrate non-human identies into your human idenity. 

You are translating the languages of Light, and are aware of yourself in other dimensions. You are aware of the crystalline structure that connects everything.

You become less concerned how anybody thinks of you.  You are expressing Spirit now with every breath.  Who cares what anyone thinks, they will wake up:  they are doing this, too.  Remember this process is NOT optional; if you are incarnate, you’re mutating.

There is usually a mass descension at the beginning of ninth level, and can be very difficult, because at this point you begin the final surrender to Spirit. You will discover that you do not control everything on a personal level. You are a divine instrument; you are “Spirit in action”. Spirit designs everything; it is the dissolution of the ego-self.  This is the final passage through the gate of awaking.

This can be the most ecstatic experience and at the same time it can be most painful.  Ninth level is where surrender occurs, surrender and ecstasy.

In levels seven, eight, and nine, you find that you are radiating Light differently.  Your eyes appear very clear and different to other people.  Some of you may be surrounded by people with the “what if syndrome”  “What if the poles shift?”  What if Denver becomes waterfront property?”  “What if we are all controlled by some lizard race?”  Just stay centered in your Spirit and you will know exactly what to say in the moment.

At the seventh level, people often feel that they are going to ascend tomorrow:  Asthar is going to come and pick them up in his ship and I am out of here.  This is because the energetic links are being set up between you in the body and you that is in your Light body, a you that’s a “future self “, if you are looking linearly.  Because of this there is a sense of getting your life in order.

By the eight level, you know you are staying and a new sense of purpose begins to fill you.  You quit hopping in and out of your body.  You feel more centered than ever.  You know you are not crazy.  You are more calm. 

In the eighth level, your upper chakras are open and functioning.  The vestigial spiritual body is now merged with your mental and emotional bodies into a unified field.  The eighth chakra’s templates are put in order and your fields begin to operate in a different fashion.  You hook up with your Oversoul.  There is a sense of being connected with Spirit all the time.

As your ninth and tenth chakras open further and you open the eleventh and twelfth chakras, you hook up with the Christ Oversoul and you begin to operate from the Christ level of your being here on the planet.  Some of you have chosen to stay working at the Christ level: that will be your path for here.  For others, you begin to hook up to the I AM presence.  If you begin to operate from that level; of Godhood, sometime in the tenth or eleventh level of Light body, it will be pretty hard to look human.  Pretty hot stuff!

At the ninth level, you are moving into states of becoming that you have never been in before, experiencing the being state of your own truth, experiencing the being state of unconditional love, and Light and power.

It is called the Threefold Flame and it exists in the heart of everyone.  It is a flame that resonates at all dimensions.  Most people are usually strong in at least one component of it.

At the end of the ninth level, you begin a descension – usually quite massive.  You have gone through the ego surrender and the descension is extremely transformative”  you may begin to emit Light.

The last three levels of Light body are what we call the “spiritual levels”.  This is where your fields are completely unified; your chakras are open up to the fourthteenth  chakra.  Your fields are now merged and you are fully hooked into the Christ Oversoul at every level of your being.  You have the hookups to your I AM presence.



In the tenth level you begin to manifest avatar abilities.  That means you can be exactly where you want to be, when you want.  Teleportation, apportation, and manifestation come in at the level of Light body, because you are fully conscious of being one with the Source and being everything.  You feel connected to everything, because you are the planetary consciousness. 

You hook up with the Oversouls and those double tetrahedrons have exchanged sides, and you are now operating in a unified field. The geometries begin to move in a double helix.  In a karma game, you only have a two-strand DNA, but in Light body you have a three-strand (or more) DNA.  So your body forms a fifth-dimensional strand in the center.  You begin to build what we call the “Merkabah vehicle” within your energy structures.  “Merkabah” means, “chariot” in Hebrew.

The Merkabah is a crystalline Light structure that allows you to pass through space, time, and dimensions completely in your totality.  The Merkabah  has a consciousness of its own.  You may begin to work with it to travel to other source systems.

You construct this crystalline Light structure out of your own fields, with the assistance of Spirit.  There are three different axes with different structures:  the Angelic function, the Space Brothhood or Extraterrestrial, and the Ascended Master function.  These fit together.  At the time of ascension, the Space Brothers will hook together all the Merkabah vehicles they are building in their own fields, to link around the planet, forming the planetary Light body – literally building the vehicle for this planet to ascend.  Planet Earth will be taken from the third dimension and the third dimension will be collapsed.

The Ascended Masters will act as directors and navigators.  They are here to work with the coordinates for taking this solar system out of this area to a multi-star system.

Many of the Angelics will go into Light body, but others will return to pure energy form.  As incarnate Angelics, their energy is the “fuel” for this process. At the tenth level, you begin to work consciously according to your axis.  All of you have all of the DNA encodements to do all of these functions.  It’s just a matter of which part of the process your Spirit wishes to play with at this time.



This is where you decide to stay in Light body and ascend with the planet, whether you will ascend ahead of the planet, or whether you will go to pure energy form.

The axiotonal lines are part of your embodied Light body structure but they also connect you with other star systems and universes.  These lines of Light lie along the physical acupuncture meridians and connect to your physical body through something called “spin points”.  Your Light body structure is made up of many lines of Light, intersecting in beautiful geometries.  In the course of your mutation, a whole new fifth-dimensional circulatory system was built.  Cellular regeneration was accomplished through the axiotonal spin points and you were restructured at the molecular level. 

You may have noticed that time has sped up.  It speeds up to the point where it becomes simultaneous.  So, you will find yourself kicking in and out of feeling that you are everywhere at once and that you are in simultaneity and then in the time line.   By the time most of the people on the planet are in the eleventh level, this planet will no longer be in linear time.  It will be simultaneity.  You are going to have a lot of fun, because that’s when you will see that “past lives” are a joke:  you have lives and they all have resonances.

Every time you choose Light in any one of the parallels, it affects every single life you have ever had.  That’s how powerful it is.  One person choosing Light in one lifetime affects the whole planet across all parallels.  There are over eight million Lightworkers incarnate in this parallel alone.  How much effect do you think you have?  Just what do you think you can do?  Anything you want, as long as you follow Spirit.

You are operating fully from your Godself and there is no separation.  You are manifesting your vision of Heaven on Earth and expressing the ecstasy of your Spirit.



At twelfth level, you act on your decision about what to do.  That may be hooking up with other people. There are many structures that have to come into place for this planet’s final ascension; different councils, new government.

Every time you make a choice that is not in the will of your Spirit, Spirit’s choice will always occur, but a parallel reality is spun off to hold the other choice.  So, there are quadrillion, quadrillion, zillons of those parallel realities. But as you awaken and follow Spirit, all those parallels pull back together.  You are now living in a constant merging of all these parallels.  So, there is a point when 

all those parallels have merged and there is only the path of Spirit from the moment of its creation.  There never was a karma game, except in the records.  Pretty exciting stuff!  This is how you ascend a planet.  You reweave it.  Each of these NOW-points is the fabric of what you would call space and time.  From our perspective, we see lines of force that come down from each NOW-point, across all parallels, like “grappling hooks.”  The dimension gets pulled up across time.

So as you shift from eleventh to twelfth Light body, this is the final activation of the Divine Plan for planet Earth.  This planet goes to Light, shifts out of this dimension and is brought into a multi-star system.  Everyone is in Light body and follows their Spirit in total sovereignty and total mastery.  Then the whole way back is the expression of the return, at every level of your identity and at every level of your being, as you return and experience your Source.

Love and light,




Wisdom Circle of Northwest Florida

Self Discovery and Consciousness Raising

21 thoughts on “Twelve levels of the light body

  1. It was interesting, and sad, to see whole parts of “What is Lightbody?” by Archangel Ariel through Tashira Tachi-ren lifted word for word for this article with no mention of where it comes from. Do an Integrity check please. ~Zarazaiel Yovel of Wings Around the Planet, representative of the final program of the Council of Ein Soph, and walk-in successor to Tashira Tachi-ren

  2. I started the ascension process in April and believe to be in the 8th level of Light Body. I went through a Kundalini awakening and thought I was going to have a collapse of the nervous system. I am more balanced now and hope we all could live Heaven in Earth!

  3. Like you Alexandra, I experienced my awakening at the end of April as well. I would compare it to a tsunami. I believe I skipped several levels or was unaware of them happening before. I have pages upon pages of messages that I translated using a code I received during the process.

    Signs, numbers, and miraculous thoughts, all came to me as I was staring into the nights sky… I have been riding the tsunami ever since, albeit the wave have calmed down some. However, the understanding and code are still here…

    I am glad to see others who have experienced it as well, those around me thought I had went crazy… In reality, I became sane! 😉

    Here is a very small excerpt from one of my translations,
    “By giving Christ the root formula, God observed while he performed excellent moral conduct.”

      • Dear Gabriella, thank you for sharing your wisdom, it is truly appreciated. From the bottom of my heart and beyond🙏🏽

      • Hi Rigpa,
        there are many methods and techniques that may lead to samadhi.
        One of the best ways is yoga. (There are many types of yoga too.)
        To know more about yoga, you may read my article ‘The eight limbs of yoga’.
        I would recommend you to find an enlightened master who will ‘initiate’ you into yoga and this is the safest way how to achieve state of samadhi.
        If you need any other information, you are welcome to write me.

  4. I just had to say thank you! I mean this is so on point with everything in my life right now. I really felt alone but not. Miserable and excited. I look in the mirror and I look like a teenager again and I thought I was losing my mind! I didn’t know what was going on! Thank you so much for this article. I am really excited to ride this vibe. And go with the flow. My life has made a dramatic change and people all around me seem like personal sages. Especially my son of all people! You know I’ve never replied to an article before now. Thanks again! ~Airek

  5. Thank you for this. I am moving through this process very rabidly and have been doing so since April. I wonder if you offer phone consultations? I have been alone in this journey on the human level and would love to simply talk a little bit about it.

    Thanks again. This is a very useful post.



  6. my awakening included intense visions of Christ with wrists bandaged – we are connected from past life experience – i am uplifted to know i was there

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  8. I have worked a lot with my oversouls and my soul fragments of that. When referring to the 12 levels of light body your talking about the additional 5 chakras that connect to our higher self that start above the crown chakra. Making 12 chakras in total. With the past life work I have done some of the trauma I was healing were my oversouls trauma and cleaning the situation around it.

    I’m not saying your wrong but I think you should try to ask spirit to merge with your 24th dimensional self and see what it shows in your head. That’s the highest dimensional plain that I have gone. There are also the negative dimensions too and those have 24 dimensional plains as well. You can ask it to do things like a stand.

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