Christ Consciousness and the Path of Initiation

Due to the planetary quickening from the closing of cycles, collective humanity has been
granted Divine Dispensation for the fastest development ever untaken by a race of beings. In
this historical evolution of the human design, each phase of spiritual initiation must still be
taken and cannot, in anyway, be by-passed.
We are greatly encouraged to review this Path of Initiation in order to consciously focus our
personal objectives in alignment with the next stages of development and towards our
ultimate goal of realizing and embodying the Christ Consciousness.
We are making this effort to more deeply coalesce our energies while keeping our focus
firmly anchored and unified as we collectively progress in the group formation.
This review provides the intelligent understanding that progressive and monitored initiation
is absolutely necessary in order to advance into expanded consciousness levels. This keeps
our acceleration safely contained and prevents any potential misuse of power.
The profound changes we are all experiencing is essentially the result of Initiation’s Path.
Christ Consciousness is a Group Harmonic
When we evaluate our life and delve deeply into this area called “spiritual initiation”
especially concerning this particular embodiment, we begin to realize that our unique
experiences have never ever been about the individual self. All that we have and are enduring
has to do with the necessary requirements to further the Group Plan in order to help the
human race evolve.
In this grand synthesis process now occurring, our individuality, as we have lived it, is
rapidly dissolving. As we come closer to actualizing Christ Consciousness, which is pure
love from the group harmonic, we are placing less emphasis on the need for
acknowledgement as an individual self expression. We find that individuality is another
illusion, a minuscule reflection of our inclusivity within another more expansive umbrella
field of energy.
In essence, we are a conglomerate of the many monadic energies and aspects that comprise
our family tree of life. Our personalities are not real. Our emotions, our minds, our bodies
and our etheric natures are not real, merely instruments constantly changing. The only real,
lasting substance is that part of our consciousness that pristinely vibrates to an all
encompassing group tone.
It is to remember our origins from the stars and that we come from another timeline of no
time… of eternal light. We do not have to strive to evolve. We are already evolved. We are
pure and holy by our own true natures. It is to remember that we are part of a cosmic cast
playing out our chosen roles in a grand play. Our script is to completely eradicate a karmic
timeline so that no residue of negativity remains. We are preparing for the birth of a new star
and its avatar race.
Our mission, to be embodied in physical form, carries time coded programs within the DNA
and is a brilliant manifestation of the Divine Plan… to insure our return. We are here and
now on the Path of Initiation to cut the pathways of light to anchor a new timeline for the
next civilization.
Of ourselves, we do nothing, it is the God within that does the works.
Definition of Initiation
Initiation is the result of a gradual expansion of consciousness, a process in which successive
stages of unification take place. This involves the relinquishing of all separative reactions in a
series of progressive renunciations. Initiation is the result not only of consciousness, but of
control and self mastery and the embodiment of Divine Love.
It is a new level of consciousness that is achieved and experienced as a result of right
thought, action and resulting service which then allows us to work on a higher level of the
spiral as we then move to the next phase of our evolution.
During this journey, we literally undergo a transfiguration of our entire body vehicle and its
energy system on the path to freedom from the Earth’s third dimension and the pull of
polarized matter. Holiness of character is the outcome of a great expansion of consciousness
which we, ourselves, attain through our conscious commitment, dedication and endeavor on
the Path.
All of our early initiations are over-lighted by members of the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy
including the great host of Ascended Masters, those who have tread this Path before us. Our
later initiations, as we advance into and beyond Christ Consciousness, are guided by our
Monadic Source.
Creator of the Path of Initiation
Sanat Kumara is the great cosmic being who established the planetary Path of Initiation as
the surest and most accelerated method for evolution from the Earth plane and its dimension
of duality.
Known as the One Initiator, Sanat Kumara has held the position of Planetary Logos and now
Regent Lord of the World since the darkest hours of Earth’s history when human evolution
lost all contact with the God Flame within and cosmic councils were considering Earth’s
As a voluntary exile from planet Venus, he came to our laggard planet millions of years ago
to sustain and guard the creation flame in the hearts of humanity until sufficient numbers
would awaken to their true nature. He has kept the world together through his consciousness
and it is his magnetic cohesive power of sustaining love that makes human evolution
Undergoing Initiation
Our daily life is the backdrop of initiation and the gradual mastering of the self that brings
about our control over matter. Due to the planetary quickening in this current closing of the
cycles, initiation is also being taken in sleep state… during the dream reality and soul travel
to the many etheric ashrams of higher learning.
The requirements upon the Path of Initiation have necessarily changed as the consciousness
of collective Humanity has evolved. Unlike the past, we now have Divine Dispensation
granting extra support from beyond the veil including intervention from a long list of cosmic
beings and star nations who are encouraging the human race onward and upward.
We are greatly supported through Earth’s new energy grid system namely the planetary
Crystalline Grid of Christ Consciousness which serves as an information highway for the
exchange of higher light intelligence. We are also supported merely through the unified
intention from the millions of embodied souls all undergoing planetary initiation at the same
Due to our many differences and varying life plans within the Earthly scheme, we each
undergo our initiatory development in unique ways and processes. There are only guidelines
and general summaries to each of the stages of initiation.
It is very common that these initiations are not exactly taken in consecutive steps, one after
the other. Much is done in simultaneous unison, especially pertaining to the first three
The Initiations
Initiation comes naturally to any person who is expressing the desire to evolve their
consciousness… to learn, to change, to grow, to understand life more fully.
There are five major planetary initiations leading into the culmination of Christ
Consciousness. Each initiation represents a definite stage of integration reached by the
initiate and each of the main five is a synthesis of many smaller ones. We move through all
sub-levels to fully complete that initiation.
During the first three initiations, mastery of the three lower vehicles has to be attained and
unwaveringly held before the further expansion of the initiate into the higher stages can be
safely permitted. There is a great need for the purification of the bodily vehicles to allow the
body to integrate higher levels of energy and light frequency.
These first three levels of initiation are referred to as the Probationary Path and are the main
preparatory stages into Christ Consciousness. At the 4th initiation, the initiate has nothing
remaining which resonates to the three worlds (physical, emotional, mental) of human
evolution and begins the monadic absorption process. Our goal is achieved when, at the fifth
initiation, we stand as a liberated Master embodying the Christ Consciousness and in union
with our Monadic Source.
There are a lot of developing skills associated with various stages of our development as a
result of the opening of our energy centers and extra sense perceptions. Initiations can seem
like exams which we are required to pass in order to ensure that we do not consciously or
unconsciously misuse the revealing abilities.
The process of initiation is always in a cycle of perfecting no matter what stage we are
First Initiation
“Birth Initiation”
Mastery of the Physical Body
The physical body is the first to undergo purification. It is the result of the birth of the Christ
Consciousness in the heart and orientation towards the spiritual life.
We are brought to the Path of Initiation, eventually, by our own soul, through the self
contemplation process. Through this inquiry, the soul aligns itself with its vehicle, the human
in incarnation. The Christ is born and the soul brings its energy to bear on its vehicles, until
the person gradually becomes more soul-infused and eventually begins Initiation’s Path.
Taming the control of the Ego over the physical body will reach a high degree of attainment.
The basics of the right kind of living, thinking and self control are reached.
Bodily desires such as food, sleep, sexual impulses, drugs, additions and carnal desires do not
control a person any longer. All of these will be in moderation, regulated, and under the
control of the soul.
Some basic principles of God Consciousness also starts to rule the initiate.
The purity of loving motives and a spirit of goodwill will be demonstrated.
A new and more comprehensive and inclusive attitude to all beings will be shown, and the
desire to serve will be strong. As a result of the control of the physical elemental, a greater
creativeness will manifest itself. The lower centers are motivated and impelled by higher
There is recognition of our own shortcomings. The struggle to conform to the highest
standard will be known, even though perfection may not be achieved.
Notes —
Planetary Light Servers may witness many who show signs of having passed through the
“birth” experience. Our responsibility is to help them toward a greater maturity. Giving the
help and guidance will strengthen our mission in creating the one consciousness field which
prepares the way for the return of Christ Consciousness on mass scale.
Most of the Planetary Light Servers have passed this stage of initiation. Third world races are
generally still physically polarized, responding to the “herd instinct”. Their experiences
reflect mass physical suffering, cruelty and lack of evolutionary understanding. It is through
their suffering and the caring by the peoples and nations of the world that they will be raised.
Second Initiation
“The Purifying Baptism”
Mastery of the Astral/Emotional Body
The Second Initiation demonstrates control of the astral body or that of our emotions. It is
said to be the longest and most difficult of all of the Initiations.
There is the realization of life problems, deep dissatisfaction and an agonizing realization of
failure. There is a constant effort to “clear oneself”.
The sacrifice and death of desire from the controlling ego is the goal of this initiation. The
lower nature is rapidly dying along with old attitudes, beliefs and desires.
It is a period of intense suffering, of seeing so much of the held glamour, fantasies and false
ideals. This is the phase of what many experience as the “dark nights of the soul”.
The Second Initiation is related to great sacrifices, the death of negativity and negative
desire. The initiate, enmeshed in these traps, is required to free himself from the emotional
Emotional energies gradually stop controlling and impacting the initiate and that all that
remains of that charged aspect of our being is a sensitive response to all forms of life and a
passionate aspiration to serve the race.
The way out of the muck and mire of emotion for the many is being greatly assisted through
the Divine Feminine principle now sweeping across the planet, serving as the dispelling force
to the energy of glamour on a world scale.
At the Second Initiation, we are granted a vision of a higher focus. Our place in the larger
whole begins to be known. We long to serve, to love and to progress. Freedom is the keynote
of the individual who is facing the Second Initiation and its aftermath and in preparation for
the Third Initiation.
Notes —
The astral vehicle is the most powerfully developed body of the human form. Most people
are dominated by its action. The Master Djwhal Khul has written that the greatest service you
can give to the world is to control the astral vehicle. The planet is being released from
glamour to a great degree. The astral plane itself is being greatly lightened, instantly
releasing mankind from its hold.
Third Initiation
“The Transfiguration”
Mastery of the Mental Body
Merging with the Soul
Just as the fogs of glamour on the astral plane have to be dissipated, so must the illusions of
the mind be dissolved. The process from the Second to the Third Initiation is the control over
the mind and releasing ourselves from its held illusions. We learn to control our mental
It is the first real initiation, from the perspective of the Spiritual Hierarchy and is the one in
which we demonstrate complete control of the personality body.
This is the great transfiguration when we become Divine, transitioning from an emotional
aspirational focus to an intelligent, thinking focus.
The aim of all development is the awakening of the Divine Intuition. We become a soulinfused
personality. This means that the soul, itself ,assumes the dominant position and not
the egoistic vehicle.
The mind is very responsive to ideas, intuitions and impulses coming from soul and we begin
to receive direct guidance from the Monad. Kundalini energy releases up the spine, third eye
vision opens and the accumulation of spiritual knowledge is very fast.
When the physical body is pure, the emotions stable and steady, and the mental body
controlled, the initiate can safely wield and wisely use the psychic faculties for the helping of
the race. Not only can we use these faculties, but we are able to enliven thought forms that
are clear and well defined, pulsating with the spirit of service and not controlled by lower
mind or emotional desire.
We gain more understanding about the principles of God Consciousness.
We find that our greater Truth lies in another and higher dimension.
We are thinking in wider and more inclusive terms. The group begins to mean more to us
than ourselves. We are identified with the soul, which is the one soul of all Humanity.
We become polarized on the higher mental plane for we no longer identify with our personal
identity, old habits and interests of the world. We have lost all interest in worldly affairs other
than our obligations and responsibilities.
Working entirely with detachment, we live in the world but are not of it.
We maintain total commitment to our personal mission in the Divine Plan and the realization
of oneness with Humanity to which we dedicate our life in service.
The personality has now reached a point where its vibrations are of a very high order. It is
now that we can be authentically and directly contacted by the Master for we are purified and
controlled and can stand for the first time consciously vibrating to the ray of the Monad.
In this Third Initiation, many of us are working on the continued mastery of all of the three
bodies now, constantly perfecting and refining.
The 3rd level initiate becomes aware of himself as the soul, with soul powers, soul
relationships and soul purpose. Our consciousness now resides entirely with the group
endeavor. We no longer have individual ambitions or individual interests, and are not at all
interested in the aims of our personality.
Notes —
In the interim between the first three initiations, mastery of the three lower vehicles has to be
attained and unwaveringly held before the further expansion of the initiate into the higher
stages can be safely permitted.
This Third Initiation is a high stage of evolution yet it, too, comes with much pain, suffering
and sacrifice. The initiate is more accepting, though, knowing that the Path is both the way of
sacrifice and the way of inner peace. We stand steady with our feet on the ground and our
lives are intelligently applied to service on every level.
Fourth Initiation
“The Crucifixion ~ The Great Renunciation”
Mastery of the Spiritual Self
Operating from the Buddhist Plane of Unity Consciousness
The Fourth Initiation is referred to as “The Crucifixion” due to the great renouncing of the
material plane and all human attachments. We have laid all, including our perfected
personality upon the altar of sacrifice.
All attachments are renounced including friends, money, reputation, character, family and
even life itself.
The initiate has nothing remaining which resonates to the three worlds (physical, emotional,
mental) of human evolution.
The needy bonds of human emotional love are transcended into Divine Love.
When we take the Fourth Initiation, we function upon the Buddhic Plane of Unity
Consciousness, and have escaped permanently from the personality ring-pass-not.
All evolutionary development is based on the resolution of karma in our planetary system
until we reach this Initiation.
This is the phase that we authentically enter into the “peace that passeth understanding”,
leaving behind all suffering. All personal selfishness is transcended. There are no more
sacrifices to be made.
We begin developing God Consciousness, the consciousness of the Monad, which is
essentially the embodiment of the Group I AM Presence.
Also known as the Initiation of Monadic Absorption, the Fourth Initiation is the phase of total
surrender to the Will of God and the Monad and releases the individual from the controls of
the matter aspect.
Direct contact is actualized between the Monad and the transcended personality body.
The antahkarana is built. These higher spiritual energies pour into and through us, radiating
out to the purposed objectives of the Divine Plan.
The personality becomes a direct instrument of service under the direction of the Monad,
which by-passes the soul. The soul then becomes redundant and is burned up, absorbed back
into the Monad. The God force is our guide and teacher, not the soul.
Once we are in the absorption process, the Monad begins to enter the transcended personality
body vehicle and consciousness, connecting through the heart chakra. We begin expressing
more prominently the monadic ray of that Source Itself.
Spiritual training is intensified, and the accumulation of knowledge is rapid. It is in this phase
that we are admitted into closer fellowship with the Councils of Light and contact with the
building devas is more complete.
We grasp the laws of the three lower planes intellectually, and likewise wield them for the
aiding of the planetary Divine Plan.
We develop multi-dimensional vision. We have direct experiences of oneness.
We can authentically and effectively command and wield the Sacred Fire.
We learn to direct the activities of the building devas and learn how to command the
We become adept in the significance of geometry, color and sound.
We are in charge of large work, teaching many people, aiding simultaneously in many facets
of the Divine Plan.
Our past experiences are discarded. The past has served its purpose, leaving us with
masterful wisdom gleaned through the direct experience.
Notes —
The one that is referred to as Jesus the Christ came into the world as a human disciple and
third degree accomplished Initiate. He did not have to take the first, second, or third
initiations. He went directly into the assumption of the Fourth Initiation (the Crucifixion) and
he went through it in full, physical fact.
This he did in order to dramatize the idea of renunciation and the significance of this phase of
initiation which relinquishes all personal identification.
It is in the Fourth Initiation that we overcome the physical world of matter. It no longer has
any lure. We can give up anything and everything, having died the death of our lower nature.
Our entire human life is renounced for the higher God Self to emerge.
We finally have the purity of authentic power to bless and evolve the human race.
This all leads us into our final and Fifth Initiation when we actualize the embodied Christ
Fifth Initiation
“The Resurrection”
Mastery over Matter
Merger with the Monad and Atmic Self
The Fifth Initiation is esoterically referred to as the Resurrection and demonstrates a total
absence of any response to the pull of matter.
The Fifth Initiation is the point in development when our human self and Monad combine
fully. Our personal will has become one with Divine Will.
The embodied Christ Consciousness is actualized and sustained as we completely return to
the Monad and merge with the Group I AM while retaining a physical “light body” form.
This is the attainment of 5th dimensional consciousness which is characterized by the
experience of absolute oneness.
We have full understanding that we are the Monad, a direct aspect of God-force, or God-Self;
the I AM Presence, containing all individualized, multidimensional expressions of self. We
know that the Monad is also another term for the Group Avatar, the Group I AM.
There is complete freedom from illusion. We understand and actualize our oneness with the
Divine Plan.
We are resurrected which makes us Earth Plane Masters. We have mastered oneself and the
lower nature, triumphing over matter.
We are free from law of karma.
We have developed such mastery of thought that we no longer have unconscious negative
desires. We are not even capable of having negative thoughts and all energy streaming from
Source is consistently divinely qualified.
We have spiritualized our body and its energy system and no longer need to incarnate on the
planetary body, except by choice, to serve the Divine Plan.
We are all working in cooperation as Masters of Wisdom. Divine Love and its Intelligence
are now developed, radiating and ever expanding.
We are highly attuned and extra sensitive to a range of energies and influences due to our
increasing monadic polarization and contact with the beings and Councils of Light
overseeing Earth evolution.
Notes —
Resurrection is the emphasized goal for Humanity. This is the rising out of matter and into a
spiritualized fifth dimensional consciousness. This essentially means that all people upon the
new Earth body will be Divine-Humans and liberated Masters.
The Fifth Initiation is the definition of the I AM Race.
After the fifth initiation, the way of higher evolution is now a choice point in which higher
initiations can be taken. The Sixth Initiation is that of Ascended Mastery and departure from
the Earth plane.
Source: This information is written from the direct experience of spiritual initiation.
Research, references and some adapted summaries are from the resources mentioned below:
Tiara Kumara, writing from the direct experience,
Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation,
The Teachings of Alice Bailey/Dhwal Kul,
Book: Initiation, Human and Solar, Lucis Publishing Company
Ascended Master Dr. Joshua David Stone
Represented on Earth by I AM University

With love and respect,

Gabriela (Ga Briela)

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  1. Wow! I translated a message and did a quick google search… This is the page it led me to! Good stuff…

    Here is the message I translated:
    “By hearing through love, be God’s excellent being. Currently: Christ’s initiation comes from God.”

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