Ultimate State of Consciousness

(1) Meditation Recollection: Samatha or Dyana: This concentration withdraws you from the external distraction until one day you get a first glimpse of your true Self. Samatha is the one-pointed concentration towards the 8th Jhana or absorption. Dyana is the early stages of the spiritual path where withdrawal from external objects is the main discipline.

(2)  Simplification, Purification & Non-Attachment must be practised concurrently with dispassion and desirelessness and detachment during one’s daily routine. It is a total withdrawal in and outside of meditation. Resignations from all committees are mandatory. There should be no more acquisitions of properties and money. There should not be any attempt at climbing up any corporate or other institutional ladder. Life has to be overly simplified.

(3)  Contemplation I – Vipassana (Stream-Enterer). Savikalpa Samadhi: To know your emotional & intellectual self with painful memories of the subconscious & unconscious. To know that every thing in the world is connected to you and each and every item is essential and beautiful (vegetation, animal & mineral). “Not a drop of water is ever lost in the universe”. This is the realisation of interconnectedness of the universe.

(4)  Contemplation II – Vipassana (Once-Returner).  Advanced stage of Savikalpa Samadhi: To come to know the true Self concretely and undoubtedly, and that this Satchit-ananda (soul or true Self) is never born and will never die. This same element of unity manifests in multiplicity as diverse “Things” in the world. You have come home to realize who you are.  You are able to achieve Silence, Emptiness, Awareness & Stillness every day. This pure awareness is your true Self or soul (Atman), but you have not yet merged with God.

(5)  Contemplation III – Vipassana (Non-Returner). Approaching Nirvikalpa Samadhi. The Dark Night of the Soul: You are in total darkness, silence and alone. Helpless, you must not strive anymore. You just surrender and wait for Grace to engulf you. When will it come is not known. It could be weeks, months or years. Then when it happens, utter bliss and joy will be your lot and then you begin to live in the world and yet out of this world. You are transmuted into One-with-the-Universe. The power of love manifest as light or heat and it is very healing.

(6) The Unitive Life of Enlightenment Arahant. Nirvikalpa Samadhi, few come down as in Sahaja Samadhi. Back to the world to service the world: “Everything you touch will turn to gold” – i.e. mended and healed within the karmic credit of the recipient. You are now a beacon to your community, country and the Universe! In this state of ultimate reality, there is no division as inner and outer. They are only differing aspects of the One without a second. The God-realized person sees the seamless garment of Being and, seeing it, quite naturally brings his or her activities more and more in alignment with that awareness. Amid the diversity of activities they may pursue, there is unity because he sees that all is Cosmic Consciousness and there is only Consciousness.

May all Beings be happy… 

Gabriela {Gabriela Samadhi Tantra}

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