TURIYA – the 4th state of consciousness in the Siddha Tradition.

There are 5 states: waking, dreaming, deep sleep, 4th (state of awareness), and the 5th – turiyatita (state of consciousness).

Due to lack of words, Paramahamsa Nithyananda used the word 4th state for Turiya (awareness), and the 5th state for Turiyatita (consciousness).

In the five states, only the last 2 states are directly life based. All other states are dilutions of life.
Waking state a diluted version of life;

Dream state as opposite to life;

Deep sleep as away from life.

The 4th and 5th states are life based states.
He describes these states of TURIYA in the following way:
1st TURIYA JAGRAT (awareness waking state)
In the state of turiya, you are in awareness state, and this world also will be seen. You will be able to have both. It is a state of complete joy and ecstasy.
2nd TURIYA SWAPNA (aware dreaming)
In the state of awareness, the appearance or creation of world, may, may not appear. This Aware dreaming state, this world may appear but not like world, suddenly it will disappear, suddenly it will appear,  you will see very clearly it is melting down…, like wave it appears and disappears…, melting down…
3rd TURIYA SUSHUPTI (awareful sleeping)
This is a state of no thoughts in the awareness state. Sometimes during unclutching, you experience this. in Ananda Gandha, you experience this, completely no thoughts. You are there. The very identity about you disappears. The very idea about you disappears. Actually after this state, there is no return. Once you experience this state, you don’t come back to normal state. Never ever, the ignorance can engulf you. This is one of the highest zones.
4th TURITYA TURIYA (awereful awareness)
This is the expansive cosmic consciousness. Realizing the expansive cosmic consciousness and it’s innate nature, remains as I AM THAT, being as it is, this is what he calls Living Enlightenment, realizing the expansive cosmic consciousness is me and being in that state.

More in the video.

– Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Re-typed by Gabriela

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